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Best Space Design

A Coworking space is defined as a community space with the objective to work alongside but not necessarily with others. Coworking spaces are collaborative offices where you’ll see an unoffice like arrangement and discussion encouraged along with serendipitous interactions. Please highlight what makes your design inspired, unique and cohesive for your community.



Best Social Impact Program

Social impact is the effect an organization’s actions have on the well-being of the community. Your program must be part of the workspace industry or have an impact on the industry to qualify.



Volunteer To The Greater Movement

Think about someone that has selflessly given their time to help move Coworking forward not because they’ll make money but because they care.

Best Website Design

There are thousand and thousands of Coworking websites.  Your website is your calling card, show is why you should win best Website design in the industry!

Best Technology To Run Your Space

What is your secret sauce?  What are you using that takes tasks off your plate so you can free up your time to build your community and support your people?

Best Tagline

Hey Ho, Let’s Co? Working Alone Sucks?  Whatchagot?

Rainbow Unicorn Award

Tell us why this person, space or organization deserves some recognition and if you’re creative enough you might just win them an killer award.  We have faith in you.

Member's Choice Award

A member of a Coworking or shared work space can nominate their space for this award.  Tell us what makes your space the very best in the world.

Best Collective Or Alliance

Tell us what your group of spaces has been doing and why you should win.